At Equine Assisted Learning Center, we provide individual and group sessions, as well as workshops and facilitator trainings. As psychotherapists and equine assisted facilitators we work with individuals as deeply as they want to go. We also work with organizations providing coaching and leadership training. EALC partners with organizations and nonprofits to develop tailored curriculum for their clients.

No previous horse experience is necessary. All the interactions are on the ground. See our FAQs page for more details.

Horses are supported in co-creating a new way of being, one that emphasizes authenticity, collaboration, and experimentation.
— Linda Kohanov, The Tao of Equus


‘Exploring Authentic Power: Learning to Create the Relationships You Want’

DATE: Sunday, March 30- 31, 2019                   
TIME: 9:30 – 4:30 pm Bastrop, Texas

Horses are highly sensitive relational beings that thrive on connection. Horses mirror our inner states, so interacting with them can help us learn how to be more present, clear, and connected to our authentic aliveness.

Explore aspects of power through a series of non-riding interactions with horses:

·      Power to know and connect to yourself

·      Power to engage body, emotions, mind and spirit

·      Power to communicate and connect authentically with others

·      Power to take inspired actions in your life

No horse experience is necessary. All work will be   interacting with the horses on the ground.

Lynne Silver LPC-S
Sarah Janosik LCSW

Lynne and Sarah have worked together teaching and providing workshops in Equine Assisted Learning and Therapy for the past 11 years.  They created Equine Assisted Learning Center as a place to learn and grow authentically through the sensitivity and  power of horses.


Lynne partners with horses to provide personal and professional development workshops for individuals and groups.  She is also a Facilitator and Program Director for Horselink , a non-profit that teams up with horses to provide workshops for Veterans and Trauma Survivors. 

Lynne has a private practice in Austin. For more information:


Sarah   provides workshops in personal development and leadership for individuals and organizations.  She is also a Facilitator and Program Director for Horselink , a non-profit that teams up with horses to provide workshops for Veterans and Trauma Survivors. 

Sarah  has a private practice in Austin.
For more information.                                                                                                                                                                          


Lynne at 512-657-4901;
or, Sarah at 512-507-5705

Learning the skills of leadership through the way of the horse.


The Five Roles of a Master Herder:

Date: April 27-28, 2019 in Bastrop Texas
Location: Beautiful Coyote Pines Ranch,
Bastrop, Texas
Investment: $550

 A two –day workshop for you

Energize your most important relationship, take the time to rejuvenate, and learn the most essential skills for having a deep meaningful connection taught from ancient wisdom of the horses.


Horses are highly sensitive relational beings and masters of non-verbal communication. They respond to our inner states, so interacting with horses can help us learn how to be more present, communicate clearly and connected to what is authentic and true within ourselves and with others.

This two-day workshop gives you and your partner a protected oasis away from it all. Here, you’ll find the time, the insights, and the inspiration to create the relationship you’ll both love. The workshop combines equine assisted learning and practical relationship skills to give you and your partner the kind of relationship you want, to help repair or regain the relationship or deepen a satisfying connection.

Over the course of the two days you will:

·       Learn to use different leardership roles depending on the situation

·       Learn effective communicate skills even in times of stress

·       Understand the messages of emotions, feelings and cues from your body

·       Practice skills to build mutual respect and  healthy boundaries

What should you expect?
The workshop consists of sessions working one on one, then taking this learning into work with our horses. You will also have personal time to unwind, and experience the peace of Coyote Pines Ranch. 

Haven’t been on a horse before?!
There is no riding in this workshop and horse experience is not necessary. The experiential interactions with the horses take place on the ground.  We work with horses that have a lot of experience around people and are willing partners to help us learn about healthy relationships.

What’s the format of the workshop?
The workshop focuses on having you do some individual work and participate in small-group sharing. There are also large-group discussions where participants can share their thoughts and insights. 



Introduction for Mental Health Professionals :

This workshop provides the mental health professional with an opportunity to understand how equine assisted therapy can work for their clients through your own experience. We work with the mental health provider to construct a program that addresses issues and areas of growth desired for the client. We also provide mental health professionals with a client referral form - download form. CEU’s are available.


Professional Development :

The professional development workshops can be designed for a particular company or group to enhance the individual and group working environment, inner communication and leadership skills resulting in sustainable team congruency and efficiency.



HorseLink is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Austin, Texas. Founded in 2012, it provides sanctuary and renewed purpose to retired competition horses and a place of healing and growth for people. At HorseLink, we believe that reestablishing the age-old bond between humans and horses can be both restorative and deeply rewarding. HorseLink's mission is to connect people and horses, allowing them to help each other transcend barriers, maximize potential, and navigate change by:

Supporting people in need with innovative and inspiring equine-assisted learning programs which emphasize connecting with horses, nature, and self

Providing competition horses with a compassionate and cost-effective retirement alternative which includes lifetime care and continued purpose through positive human interaction


Veterans Program: A veterans equine-assisted therapy program designed and facilitated with licensed mental health professionals to aid and support their families with issues related to transitioning and re-acclimating to life at home after serving. It uses the innate healing power of horses to help veterans and their families reconnect and readjust. Horselink for veterans provides a safe space for veterans as they work in nature alongside other veterans and explore past trauma and current stress as they acclimate to life back home.



Trauma Recovery Program: This equine-assisted learning program is for anyone who has experienced a traumatic life event or loss. It is designed to help those dealing with deeply challenging issues to engage with the present moment and access their inner wisdom to guide them towards well being and finding peace and joy again.

If you are recovering from such an experience and are ready to reclaim your life, you are invited to this program to work with the horses who gracefully share with people lessons in mindfulness, courage, and empowerment. Horse Power is facilitated by experienced mental health professionals specializing in Equine-Assisted Learning and provides a support network through a compassionate and committed community.  

My client has been stuck in old patterns of shame , freeze and isolation. He has had many years of therapy but still when people care for him or give him comfort, it's the same: he feels shame and pulls away. His day at the Equine Assisted Learning workshop was "the best day he ever remembers". He had come before to the edge of believing in something greater than himself, but his skepticism always returned and he was unable to receive. What he experienced with his horse he "wouldn't have believed possible - wonder, connection, healing - from an animal! He remembered showing The horse his pain and said with returning wonder "the terrible feeling I always have in my chest disappeared, I felt light, good there". He felt love for the horse and he knew the horse was sending him love too. He actually felt it and was at peace.

S.S., PhD. Psychologist, Austin, TX