Presence Strengthens Connection

How can we experience deeper connections?

In a recent workshop we explored how our own ability to be present contributed to our ability to be in relationship.

Often as humans we have a tendency to bring our history into our relationship which prevents us from really being present or really seeing the other person.  We miss the sparkle in their eyes or all the qualities that brought you together nor can we feel our own strengths, needs or desires.  

When we come into space with a horse laden with these stories it blocks our ability in the moment to connect to what is in the here and now.  Horses in their gentle being are looking for an opening to connect.  They are interested in what is true and authentic.  They feel most comfortable when our inside of how we feel and our outside how we are acting is the same.  This congruence feels safe and inviting and creates an opening for the beginning of a relationship.  They do not care if we are feeling sad, mad, glad or afraid as long as we are present to what we are feeling.

“Springer reminded me of my first horse andbrought up a feeling of rejection. I can feel my chest getting tight. He seems very distant and not interested in connecting to me. It made me think of my husband.” Participant

Each person got to have several interactions with different horses which brought up different reactions and helped them practice shifting their focus back to their own emotional and physical experience.  They learned ways to shift back to presence. The quality between themselves and the horses were very different when they were able just be with each other.

”When I focus on this moment and feel more present in by body I can sense a connection and really feel a heart to heart communication. It feels amazing to really receive and take in such non­-judgmental exchange. I realize I need to come back to myself before I can expect any one else to meet me. “ Participant

“When I got caught up in my thoughts I could see PJ’s focus wonder.  Being with him gave me a moment to moment commentary on how much I think about trying to please others and not being present to the experience. As I recognized his response and returned, I could feel him relax.  His eyes got soft and his lids were heavy, his head lowered, he sighed. We were connected.  This will help me in my relationships with my family.  I am leaving the workshop calm and full of hope.” Participant.