Equine Assisted Learning Center combines the ground-breaking work of the Eponaquest model of equine learning - with the science of trauma recovery and sustainable change. We offer a range of individual, group and team-building workshops, s well as a specialized Facilitator Training Program.


Horses are prey animals, because they live in the present moment; they adjust to their environment and the beings around them; they accurately assess the authentic emotions that surround them. Equine Assisted Learning Center offers a range of individual, group and team-building workshops as well as a specialized Facilitator Training Program. For more detailed information about our current offerings please follow the links provided. 

Why Horses..?


Horses are among the best teachers and guides for personal growth and development. Being sensitive to the environment for their survival, horses respond to both positive and negative changes in posture, stance and breathing with other animals and people. Horses provide constant feedback through their whole body to incongruence between feelings and behaviors. This allows them to respond honestly and to be non-judgemental mirrors and teachers of our conscious and unconscious feelings and behaviors. Individuals learn how to use emotional, mental and physical cues within themselves and others to support their personal development. This creates an opportunity for profound healing in all aspects of their lives.

The experiential nature of Equine Assisted Learning Center (EALC) provides an opportunity for people to fully participate with their mind, body and spirit. EALC is based on the belief that people learn best through direct and purposeful contact with their learning experience, and can alter the way they feel, think and behave beyond habitual barriers and resistance accumulated through life. 

Who We Are:


Equine Assisted Learning Center was founded in 2012 by friends and colleagues, Sarah Janosik and Lynne Silver. Combining their 20+ years of clinical practice with a deep love and appreciation for the power of the equine spirit, Lynne and Sarah have created a sacred and supportive space for sustainable change and improved quality of life and relationships.

What People Say:

I came away feeling empowered with the realization that my experience is in my hands. I have a choice in how I experience each moment.
— S. L., Dripping Springs, Texas
This is a fantastic tool for personal self-regulation and communication. The horse sees your true self and will work with you to find it.
— K. L., Austin, Texas
It was amazing to see the horse respond so immediately when I got into deeper contact with myself.
— L.F., Houston, TX